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Every Sunday, we (Tania & Adam) have in-depth conversations with inspirational guests, from all walks of life, who share their stories of travel and adventure, as well as courage, mental health & mindset. Expect empowering conversations that give you serious food for thought.

Our guests are ordinary people with a zest for life, doing things like overlanding Africa solo at 60 years old, to people & families living in campervans, crossing oceans in sailboats, cycling between continents, thru-hiking the toughest trails to budget backpackers determined to experience all that the world has to offer. 

Our hour-long conversations allow us to delve deep into important life topics. We are reminded of how life is short, that personal growth matters, and that adventure is for everyone, whatever adventure means to you. When all's said and done, we hope this podcast can help remind you to live life with purpose because we only get one, and if we're not careful, it can easily pass us by.

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Not what I expected but am so happy for that!

Jits Into The Sunset has quickly become my favorite travel podcast. I'm in the midst of building out my camper van and dreaming about hitting the road so naturally I tune into all things vanlife! But, Tania and Adam deliver something much different than other podcasts I've listened to. They touch on all things of the human experience through their own words and through their amazing guests. Adam and Tania speak openly about life struggles, tragedy, indecision, mental health, living with purpose, kindness, love, and much more. You really get the sense that they are down to earth and just good people living out their dreams. I won't miss a show!

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Favorite Vanlife/Travel Podcast

I fell in love with this podcast from the very first episode I listened to! Tania and Adam share their experiences with travel and vanlife in the most beautiful, sincere, and relatable ways. They have you experiencing all of the emotions as you listen to their stories and those of their wonderful guests. They seem genuine in what they discuss, sharing an honest account of the realities of living a life on the road, keeping things real yet greatly inspiring at the same time. They are simply a joy to listen to and have served as such a tremendous source of inspiration for us as we build out our van and prepare to hit the road.

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A Celebration of Alternative Lifestyles

If you love all things travel and adventure, this podcast is for you! When Tania and Adam first announced their plans for a podcast, I was thrilled by the idea of getting to hear even more behind scenes details about their adventures, though admittedly, I had a hard time picturing myself being as invested in the stories of other travelers. I'm glad to say I was completely wrong, however, and have absolutely loved listening to so many wonderful conversations with all of their guests. You'll hear from travelers who are young and in love, families doing van life with their school-aged children, and a couple taking on a whole new second act in life - just to name a few - who all go to show that adventure is for everyone. Time and time again, this podcast has beautifully illustrating that there's no one "right path" in life, and that so many incredible directions we can all explore. If you haven't had the joy of seeing Jits Into The Sunset's beautiful cinematography on YouTube, please check them out! They are incredible storytellers, and this podcast is a wonderful extension of those talents.

Your reviews matter & help keep us on air! If you enjoy our podcast, please consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts and/or rating wherever you listen :) 

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