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If this is the first time we’re meeting, hi! We’re Tania & Adam, a couple from Ireland & England who met whilst working in London back in the Summer of 2018. On our first date, we realised that we shared a dream of living and traveling in a camper van but at the time we were focused on our careers (Adam was a freelance filmmaker & I was working long hours in advertising) so ‘van life’ kind of felt like a pipe-dream. 


Six months later, Adam’s mum sadly passed away from ovarian cancer, and we were reminded how life is fragile. Losing someone you love puts a lot of things into perspective and for us, it jolted us into action. We began to save up for a year of travel in the cute 1998 Peugeot Boxer campervan that his mum left for us. Sally, had named this sweet little rust bucket ‘Jitters’ cause she Jitters around when you go over 60 mph! Nine months later, after selling, gifting, and donating a lot of our possessions, we moved into tiny, rusty, Jits and began our quest to learn to ‘live more with less’, and see more of the world (slowly and with lots of breakdowns along the way - remembering that Jits is an auld gal!)


With Adam’s filmmaking background, we always knew that we wanted to document our travels; to anchor us in a creative project whilst we discovered life on the road. And so, our YouTube channel ‘Jits into the Sunset’ was born. Yay!!  We are so proud and feel incredibly humbled to have grown a wonderful community that shares our appreciation for the outdoors, culture & new experiences. 


What we intended to be a one-year sabbatical has now turned into four years of full-time travel (a mix of van life & backpacking) from Ireland to Switzerland, Costa Rica, Iceland, Indonesia & lots of countries in between. Our travels have fuelled our own personal growth journeys which is what inspired us to take the plunge and pursue a whole new creative endeavour; launch our podcast! We wanted to speak with people doing extraordinary things, to help inspire others to embark on their own personal adventure, whatever this looks like. 

Listen to Episode 1 of our podcast to hear us share more about our story & motivations for starting the show. 

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About the podcast

THE Story

Truthfully, the story of our podcast starts with self-doubt, fear of failure & imposter syndrome. In fact, we recorded Episode 1 of our podcast 18 months before we released it because we were afraid that it was no good. 


Finally, in June 2022, we took the plunge and decided to follow our own advice and ‘just go for it’, acknowledging that hosting a podcast would be its own adventure. We just had to try! And wow, we are glad did. 


Since launching, our show has naturally evolved to become much more than sharing inspiring stories of ‘Travel, Adventures & Road trips’. Our hour-long conversations with guests have allowed us to delve deep into important life topics like mental health, mindset & personal struggles, and growth. This is why in May 2023 we renamed our show to the ‘Adventure Mindset Podcast’. 


Our ultimate goal for the podcast is to pass on life lessons learned by us and our guests, to motivate you to pursue your own personal adventure, big or small and no matter what stage in life you are at. 


The other thing that we are very proud of with the show, is that despite the fact that we are often recording in our little off-grid home or out of our backpacks, we have managed to post an episode every single Sunday! And it is because of YOU listening, supporting, and being part of our community that we have the motivation to keep going. So, THANK YOU!! 


Our podcast studio travelling with us

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