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One of our most frequently asked questions is how we make money on the road. In Episode 7 of our Podcast, we shared in detail our different revenue streams and how much we earn from each (alongside how you could make money whilst traveling, with inspiring examples from our wonderful nomad community! It's a great episode, so definitely worth a listen!). 


At the time of writing this (May 2023, almost 1 year of producing weekly podcasts) our show is completely self-funded. This means that we have not yet been paid for our time or equipment to produce the show.


Podcasting is something that we absolutely LOVE, we hope to be doing this for years to come. And reading your DMs and reviews, we know it’s making a positive difference (with some of you taking the leap to follow through on your dreams - including quitting your jobs. OMG! If you would like to support the show and keep it on air, below are some ways you can help support it!

Triggy Edit assistant_edited.jpg

Working in our campervan, Jits.

Trigger assisting Adam in the edit. 

Bali Camping in the wilderness

FREE ways to support us:

  • Be sure to subscribe to our podcast & recommend us to your friends, as well as tag us on socials (word of mouth helps us grow!)




If you have the means to, you can support our work financially by joining our Patreon community and pledging a monthly amount that works for your budget or buying us a ‘virtual coffee’ as a one-off tip.


About Our Patreon: Patreon is a platform for creators to share exclusive content with a small knit-community that supports their work financially each month. On our Patreon, not only will you get access to additional podcast ‘snippets’ but also exclusive travel films, as well as live Zoom call hangouts. We want our Patreon community to be all-inclusive which is why we have made all 'perks' available to everyone, no matter how big or small your monthly contribution is. 


About Our Ko-Fi Account: Ko-fi is great for those who want to support us on a one-time basis (although to can support us monthly there too). The amazing thing about this platform is that it doesn’t take a fee (like Patreon does), meaning we get 100% of your tips to us - yay!! We’re still very new to Ko-Fi but at the moment we’re using it to see if we can recuperate the £500 that we invested in our new mics. If you help contribute to this - we will give you a shoutout on our next podcast episode!

Tania Camping in the wilderness of Bali

Check out the film here

Join our Patreon
Community here :)



If you use our links
it supports the podcast AND you will get a little something 

A great way to support the podcast is by using our referal link with our sponsors. See our sponsors below.

(yes, we know... we only have one sponsor at the moment! It's still early days!)


AG1 by Athletic Greens, is a powdered drink, you can add to a smoothie or simply mix with water to make a drink loaded with 75 vitamins and minerals, to support your gut health & boost energy. We take it first thing in the morning, and it really sets our day off right! It’s basically your nutritional insurance, to help make sure your body gets what it needs, whatever adeventure you're taking on.

To support our show, get a FREE 1 years supply of of D3+K2 and 5 free travel packs, use our link


Adam mixing his AG1.
(Not posing at all.)

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